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Welcome to my small, evening private practice! As a licensed clinical psychologist in California (PSY26429), I am dedicated to helping my patients live lives consistent with their strengths and values. I do this within the context of a warm and non-judgmental professional relationship. In addition to being a psychologist, I am a developmental neuroscientist and an instructor at Stanford University. I bring more than 10+ years of experience and expert training in evidenced based treatments to each of my sessions.

Who Dr. Klabunde Treats

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In-person Therapy

Talking face to face with a therapist can decrease one’s stress and improve difficult symptoms.


Telepsychology can help relieve psychiatric symptoms from the comfort of your own home. Using secure HIPPA compliant methods, Dr. Klabunde provides therapy to patients who may not have easy access to her psychotherapy office.

Organization Coaching

Dr Klabunde is an expert in teaching organizing skills to patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, executive functioning difficulties and to those who want to improve their daily functioning or decrease stress.

Habit Formation

Dr. Klabunde was trained by Dr. BJ Fogg and Linda Fogg in the Tiny Habits Method and is a Certified Tiny Habits Coach. Dr. Klabunde can help you engineer your behaviors so that you can live the type of life that you want to live.

Parent Coaching

Dr. Klabunde is an expert in child behavior change. She can help you support positive change in your child’s life.

Supervision and Consultation

Dr. Klabunde is an experienced clinical supervisor who trains students at Stanford University. For expert supervision, training and for ongoing clinical consultation, Dr. Klabunde can provide you with skills that could help you become a better and more confident therapist.

“I never thought that I would be able to become organized. But after a few sessions with Dr. Klabunde and learning how I can create habits, I felt for the first time that this could work. And it did! Thank you, Dr. Klabunde.”

Anonymous 12 year old patient

“Wow, Dr. Klabunde! You are good at your job.”

Anonymous 17 year old patient

“You cheer me on and get super excited when I make even the smallest change. Now, outside of our sessions, I hear you cheering me on when I do something right.”

Anonymous 16-year-old patient

What is Telepsychology?

Telepsychology is a tool that can be used to provide treatment to patients who have difficulties commuting to in-person psychotherapy appointments. This allows patients who live far away from their desired service providers to have the opportunity for treatment.

Meeting with a psychologist over video conferencing software is different from meeting with a psychologist in person. However, some studies demonstrate that similar outcomes are achieved by telepsychology and in-person services for some conditions (Barak et al. 2008).  More information about the potential risks and benefits of telepsychology can be found here: http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/online-therapy.aspx

Telepsychology FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Telepsychology

What is telepsychology? It uses technology during the process of therapy. It can include communicating by various applications, email, text or video conferencing tools.  Video conferencing sessions make it easier for patients throughout California to have access expert care by Dr. Klabunde. Please contact Dr. Klabunde if you have additional questions about her telepsychology services.


Dr. Klabunde uses video conferencing software so that she can treat patients who may have a hard time coming to her office. Although telepsychology can be just as effective as in person therapy for some conditions, it is a different experience than in-person therapy. Specifically, it may feel similar to talking with a friend via skype. You are not there with them in person, but you still can communicate with them well over the computer.

Yes, but there are security risks (see below).  Dr. Klabunde uses HIPPA compliant encrypted software in order to make sure that her telepsychology sessions are held to the highest standards of confidentiality.

Specifically, Dr. Klabunde has business associate agreements with the following companies in order to maintain HIPPA compliance:

  • Zoom video conferencing software
  • Acuity scheduling software
  • Google GSuite services (email, documents, spreadsheets and drive folders)
  • Spruce Health’s secure patient messaging portal, VOIP calling and text messaging

Dr. Klabunde’s website and practice advertising email list, however, are not HIPPA compliant. Her practice email list is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Dr. Klabunde’s practice and services.

Potential risks of telepsychology include:

  • Poor video resolution
  • Delays in treatment because of equipment failures
  • Security protocols can fail, causing a breach of privacy
  • Lack of access to all the information available in a face to face visit may result in errors in psychological judgment

Alternatives to Telepsychology include in-person psychology services.

Dr. Klabunde focuses on helping her patients build organization skills and change their behaviors. She finds that telepsychology works well when treating patients who have attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and executive functioning difficulties. Additionally, Dr. Klabunde provides telepsychology therapy services that are aimed at improving one’s self-esteem, regulating emotions, normalizing eating, improving relationships, decreasing body image concerns, and managing anxiety.

Because of the increased risk, Dr. Klabunde does not treat severe psychiatric problems,  self-harm and/or suicidal behaviors, major depressive disorder and personality disorders via telepsychology. Prior to starting treatment, Dr. Klabunde assesses whether telepsychology is an appropriate treatment modality.

If possible, intake evaluations will be conducted in person and prior to engaging in telepsychology services. If this is very difficult or impossible to do, then Dr. Klabunde will require that you provide sufficient proof of your (or your child’s) address and identity prior to conducting an initial video conferencing evaluation.

Also, intake evaluations for telepsychology services will focus on assessing whether you our your child’s symptoms can be appropriately treated via telepsychology and are a good match for Dr. Klabunde’s services. Please note that Dr. Klabunde does not provide diagnostic evaluations via telepsychology.

Depending on Dr. Klabunde’s caseload,  it may be possible to meet with Dr. Klabunde at her Palo Alto office. Dr. Klabunde will provide you with referrals that will hopefully meet your therapeutic needs if she is unable to accommodate your desire for in-person sessions.

Additionally, if Dr. Klabunde feels that you need a higher level of care, Dr. Klabunde will provide you with in-person referrals.

No. Dr. Klabunde is only licensed to practice in the state of California (PSY 26429). Therefore, Dr. Klabunde only treats patients who are currently in the state of California. Dr. Klabunde will verify your California residence prior to providing services. If you leave California for vacation or a work trip, Dr. Klabunde is unable to treat you until you return to the state.

Dr. Klabunde does not take insurance. She can provide you with a monthly invoice called a superbill. You are, however, responsible for submitting it to your insurance company. Please note that insurance companies may not cover telepsychology services. As a result, please contact your insurance company and ask them about their reimbursement rates before starting therapy with Dr. Klabunde.

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Importance of the Therapeutic Relationship

Miller, S. D., Duncan, B. L., & Hubble, M. A. (1997). Escape from Babel: Toward a unifying language for psychotherapy practice. New York: Norton.
Miller and colleagues (1997) examined the factors that contribute to symptom change as a result of psychotherapy. The authors revealed that forty percent of change occurs as a result of the client's personality and external factors that are un-related to the events that occur during the therapy session. For the sixty percent of change that occurs as a direct result of psychotherapy, half of the change that occurs results from the therapeutic relationship. Since the therapeutic relationship plays such an important role in therapy outcomes, it is incredibly important to feel comfortable with and confident in your provider. Dr. Klabunde urges you to choose carefully when picking a therapist.
Patient Expectations
Therapeutic Relationship

25% is due to specific techniques

25% is due to patient expectations

50% is due to therapeutic relationship factors

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